Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?
The login is on the right side of the screen. Log-in information including password was emailed to you when the account was created (the email should have arrived from

I don’t remember my log-in information. Where is it?
You can gain access to your login information by using the “I forgot my password” link by the login. Your account is under the primary email address you’ve supplied to HVO.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, please use the following steps:

  1. Log-in to your account on the welcome page. When you are logged in, click “Your account”. On the account page, click “Change Password.
  2. Enter your old password and the new password you wish to use (in both places it is requested) and click “Update Password”.

How do I find information on my project of interest? Where are the documents you mentioned?
From the Home page, scroll over the Find Your Project tab. A drop-down menu will list HVO program areas. Click on your health specialty area. Once in a specialty folder, you will see a list of countries in the sub-menu. Click on the country that you are interested in visiting to access the project description, list of previous volunteers, and orientation materials.  If you’re look for general materials on volunteering with HVO, be sure to visit the section For Every Volunteer, which includes the Guide to Volunteering Overseas, essential policies, and practical information for your trip. You can always email in you can’t find something you need.

Can I post my own documents or information for other KnowNET users?
No, the KnowNET is not currently set up to allow users to post their own documents or information. However, we highly encourage users to share documents or resources they think would benefit others by sending them to HVO staff so that we can post them for the user.

Can I use other people’s PowerPoints or directly use the information in my own presentation?
If a Power Point or teaching resource is posted on the KnowNET it is there with the creator’s permission and is therefore an open source unless it is set to “read only” status. When you open the presentation, you will be informed if it is a read-only document, and if this is the case, you can use the material for reference but cannot alter the presentation or use photos from it. If you use any materials on KnowNET, you should always credit the author. For complete copyright and usage information, please see Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and HVO Copyright (PDF).

Why isn’t my Volunteer Feedback Survey (formerly trip report) posted?
While all trip reports are essential for HVO staff and project directors to keep apprised of project developments, not every report is posted to the KnowNET. Please contact your HVO recruiter if you have questions about the status of your report.

What if I don’t want my PowerPoints/teaching materials/VFS posted? Is it required?
Posting teaching materials and other documents is completely voluntary. By submitting them to HVO, however, we reserve the right to share them with our community. If this is not acceptable, you need to let us know, and we will do our best to honor the request.

Can I contact past volunteers?
If a former volunteer has provided contact information, they have agreed to be a point of contact for future volunteers. A list of former volunteers, contact information, and lecture topics given (if applicable) is available for each project site on its respective folder under Find Your Project.

Can I contact other volunteers through the KnowNET?
No, the KnowNET is not currently set up to send emails.